St Helena Coffee Cup Profile

The St Helena coffee is wet processed to the highest possible standard with a wonderful semi-translucent sheen in green bean form.

This delicate bean, once roasted, is well balanced in the cup with good fruity acidity, rich black cherry notes and a pleasing chocolatey aftertaste which lingers on the palate and hints of its Yemeni origins.

Quality Control

St Helena coffee is subjected to the most rigorous quality control. Due to the relatively small quantity of coffee produced, it is possible to give the coffee more attention than a larger coffee industry could expect to do. One of the major challenges for coffee production in St Helena is the deep scarcity of local farm labour.

Coffee Quality Spec

Altitude: 720 meters, but because of its unique geographical position this will be equivalent to more than a 1000 meters of altitude in other coffee producing countries

Total Rain per Year: 3000 mm

Variety: Green Tipped Bourbon

Processing Method: Fully Washed

Mucilage removal: Natural Fermentation

Drying Method: Sun-drying, this process is very slow since it takes approximately 4 months to dry the coffee while it takes just 4-5 days in all other coffee producing countries

Flowering Period: December-April

Harvesting Period: October-February